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The Make Sale: Success!

My VERY FIRST SECOND show is over! I cannot wait for my VERY FIRST THIRD show to happen. I set up at The Make Sale in Monroe, WA on Friday and Saturday. It was the first year for this particular event, and I was very happy with the results! The organizers put in a lot of time, found high quality vendors, and advertised out the wazoo. For my booth, I wanted to knit in a rocking chair by the fireplace, so I did. Blankets, shawls, colorful hats, and, of course, manatees decorated the booth space. The response to my little stuffed animals was outstanding. I love that you love the thing I love to make the most. (That’s a lot of love!)

I have to say, I am so excited about all of this.  Starting something that includes so much of your personality on display is always scary. Will people like me? Will they think I’m funny? Will I just embarrass myself? Am I even good enough to be here? Those insecurities that ran through my mind as a child still rear their ugly head as an adult. As I get older (dare I say AGE?), the answers to those questions become less and less important. What is important? Happiness. It’s all about that happy, and knitting by the fireplace surrounded by beautiful creations from myself and others, being recognized by you, laughing, getting to know new friends… That is my happy place. Thank you for joining me , and I look forward to next time.


Candy Corn Octopus says Stay Happy, my friends.


You know what else makes me happy? Custom orders! For pricing, please email me at and I will respond with a quote and time frame for the piece.

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  1. Love reading this. All very well stated. So proud of you, Angela! And so glad you are doing what fulfills you, being yourself and enjoying it so much!

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