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Mill Creek – 1 year Anniversary!

Wow! I cannot believe I have already been at this a year. Last year, Mill Creek was my first show. (Well technically, I’ve been working at this a year and a half because I needed a few production months. I make it….all by myyyseeelf, everything.)

Success means so many things to different people, but I would say it’s been a successful year. I have had SO. MUCH. FUN. I found out I love designing just as much as making. My skills have improved and continue to do so. I made several custom orders for some fantastic people. Meeting new people and interaction with other vendors is the best.

I’m not sure what this next year will bring, but all I can say, is BRING IT ON. I will have bigger and better designs, more pun-centric softees animals, and more knitted items.

Are you ready?

1 thought on “Mill Creek – 1 year Anniversary!

  1. Great attattitude ,creative items….YOU GO ANGELA!

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