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Well that went well


Thank you all for coming out and supporting me at my very first show ever! I had an absolute blast and enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I knew I would enjoy the making of all the things for a show, but I wasn’t sure I’d like the show itself. Sure, they were long days, but I had help from a couple very special people (who I appreciate and love so much) and was situated next to two very nice and helpful vendors. One of my favorite things was MacGyvering the display so signs stayed up and looked nice. On a whim, I brought T-pins and I used them ALL OVER the booth. I learned so much over the weekend: about myself, business, and people!

My main take away is: You like me. You really like me. My top sellers were manatees and miniatures. I was blown away by their popularity. They are my favorite things to make, so that works out REALLY well. I’d made some things simply because I thought that’s what people would expect to find at a fair booth, but they didn’t do so well. What sold was MY IDEAS and MY DESIGNS. I think I’ll just keep doing whatever the hell I want, because that’s who I am. I started doing this to be me, make all the things and make people laugh. (My business cards even say I’m a humorist.) I’m just not a very good “corporate” employee, nor am I good at conforming. So now I have bins of inventory I thought were my guaranteed sellers staring at me, reminding me that people want genuine-ness and made up words. I’m already applying to my next shows and I hope to see you at one of those!IMG_5442

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Yarn for LIFE

I’m super excited to be at my first show this coming Saturday and Sunday, July 14 and 15!  (Find out more information here: Mill Creek Festival) For many years, I have contemplated that adage about finding your passion so work never feels like work. I’ve taken many professional and scholastic routes in search of this elusive “passion” in which people speak. Through all of that, the one thing on my mind has always been yarn. Could it be that YARN is my passion? Can yarn even be a passion? Well, I’m finally going to find out. All day, e’ry day, I’m thinking about yarn and patterns and knitting and crocheting and techniques and…. you know, stuff. So I’m finally doing that thing I have obsessed over for years. I have more supplies than I care to admit. When I bought that 20 pounds of poly-fil, I knew I was going all in, or at least have enough that some would be sold at the estate sale after my death. Dreams can be a scary place that take you in strange directions. Somehow it works out, even if it works out by not working out. Here’s to finding out which road I’m on…