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Mill Creek – 1 year Anniversary!

Wow! I cannot believe I have already been at this a year. Last year, Mill Creek was my first show. (Well technically, I’ve been working at this a year and a half because I needed a few production months. I make it….all by myyyseeelf, everything.)

Success means so many things to different people, but I would say it’s been a successful year. I have had SO. MUCH. FUN. I found out I love designing just as much as making. My skills have improved and continue to do so. I made several custom orders for some fantastic people. Meeting new people and interaction with other vendors is the best.

I’m not sure what this next year will bring, but all I can say, is BRING IT ON. I will have bigger and better designs, more pun-centric softees animals, and more knitted items.

Are you ready?

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Holiday Markets-Lake Forest Park

I have been furiously working away, getting more inventory and new items for the Lake Forest Park Holiday Craft fairs November 18 and December 16, from 10-3. On the list: holiday themed sea creatures, ornaments, and food items. Hopefully, I will be able to debut my “Obligatory Holiday Blanket”, as well as my Oregon Trail dysentery blanket. So many ideas in my brain! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there.

There are also some more shows coming up, in addition to Oddmall in June and The Make Sale in April. More details to come……😀

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2019 bookings – THE FUTURE

Soon, it will be the future, and I already have a couple shows booked for next year!  In April, I will be at The Make Sale: Spring Edition and in June, I will be appearing at Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird.  How exciting! I’m planning some new creatures and blankets for both, so if you like rainbows, introverting, sea creatures, and snark, you know where to find me in April and June. IMG_5624

In the meantime, here is a picture of my cat because he’s a pretty boy. We can all take some cues from him. Love, be loved, enjoy food, and don’t forget to cross your paws.

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The Make Sale: Success!

My VERY FIRST SECOND show is over! I cannot wait for my VERY FIRST THIRD show to happen. I set up at The Make Sale in Monroe, WA on Friday and Saturday. It was the first year for this particular event, and I was very happy with the results! The organizers put in a lot of time, found high quality vendors, and advertised out the wazoo. For my booth, I wanted to knit in a rocking chair by the fireplace, so I did. Blankets, shawls, colorful hats, and, of course, manatees decorated the booth space. The response to my little stuffed animals was outstanding. I love that you love the thing I love to make the most. (That’s a lot of love!)

I have to say, I am so excited about all of this.  Starting something that includes so much of your personality on display is always scary. Will people like me? Will they think I’m funny? Will I just embarrass myself? Am I even good enough to be here? Those insecurities that ran through my mind as a child still rear their ugly head as an adult. As I get older (dare I say AGE?), the answers to those questions become less and less important. What is important? Happiness. It’s all about that happy, and knitting by the fireplace surrounded by beautiful creations from myself and others, being recognized by you, laughing, getting to know new friends… That is my happy place. Thank you for joining me , and I look forward to next time.


Candy Corn Octopus says Stay Happy, my friends.


You know what else makes me happy? Custom orders! For pricing, please email me at and I will respond with a quote and time frame for the piece.

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Well that went well


Thank you all for coming out and supporting me at my very first show ever! I had an absolute blast and enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I knew I would enjoy the making of all the things for a show, but I wasn’t sure I’d like the show itself. Sure, they were long days, but I had help from a couple very special people (who I appreciate and love so much) and was situated next to two very nice and helpful vendors. One of my favorite things was MacGyvering the display so signs stayed up and looked nice. On a whim, I brought T-pins and I used them ALL OVER the booth. I learned so much over the weekend: about myself, business, and people!

My main take away is: You like me. You really like me. My top sellers were manatees and miniatures. I was blown away by their popularity. They are my favorite things to make, so that works out REALLY well. I’d made some things simply because I thought that’s what people would expect to find at a fair booth, but they didn’t do so well. What sold was MY IDEAS and MY DESIGNS. I think I’ll just keep doing whatever the hell I want, because that’s who I am. I started doing this to be me, make all the things and make people laugh. (My business cards even say I’m a humorist.) I’m just not a very good “corporate” employee, nor am I good at conforming. So now I have bins of inventory I thought were my guaranteed sellers staring at me, reminding me that people want genuine-ness and made up words. I’m already applying to my next shows and I hope to see you at one of those!IMG_5442

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Yarn for LIFE

I’m super excited to be at my first show this coming Saturday and Sunday, July 14 and 15!  (Find out more information here: Mill Creek Festival) For many years, I have contemplated that adage about finding your passion so work never feels like work. I’ve taken many professional and scholastic routes in search of this elusive “passion” in which people speak. Through all of that, the one thing on my mind has always been yarn. Could it be that YARN is my passion? Can yarn even be a passion? Well, I’m finally going to find out. All day, e’ry day, I’m thinking about yarn and patterns and knitting and crocheting and techniques and…. you know, stuff. So I’m finally doing that thing I have obsessed over for years. I have more supplies than I care to admit. When I bought that 20 pounds of poly-fil, I knew I was going all in, or at least have enough that some would be sold at the estate sale after my death. Dreams can be a scary place that take you in strange directions. Somehow it works out, even if it works out by not working out. Here’s to finding out which road I’m on…