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Year in Review and Upcoming

This year has been amazing! I got my first four shows out of the way. From the first one, I was blown away by the response. I love people “getting the joke” and laughing. I love the “awww, so cute”s, the repeat customers, and just the general feeling that somehow, I made the world a little bit better. If you would have told me last year this is where I would be now, I would have laughed and said how nice that sounded, but certainly would not be true. Every day, I get to be creative. Every day, I get to do what I love and that is so rewarding. For everyone who has supported me through purchases, posts, likes, word of mouth, and kind words, THANK YOU. You are the reason I am able to continue doing this.

So what now? I’m in the process of upgrading my website to a storefront. Being able to reach the market between shows and being available to your timing needs is important to me. Each order will include FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. I am always open to a custom order, from bulk to some crazy octopus I haven’t thought of yet.

Next year, I have NerdFaire mini con at the Lynnwood Convention Center in February. I cannot tell you how excited I am. It used to be a dream to be a con vendor and now, I venture into con vendordom. (Say that 5 times fast.) I will be offering a con exclusive design, so be on the lookout for that in February! As mentioned before, The Make Sale will be in April, so I have a limited time to restock, followed by Geek Craft Market on May the 4th! June is Oddmall Emporium of the Weird Summer Spectacular. Keep in mind I design and make all the things I sell, so I will be super busy and loving every minute of it!!

In the meantime, enjoy this photo of me trying to make a sign with my name, being annoyed I didn’t have another “s”, then realizing something just wasn’t right…


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I’m Octo-sessed!

Or maybe I’m an Obsess-topus? I’m not sure. All I know is that I CANNOT stop making octopuses. (I did some research and grammar nerds say it is octopuses, not octopi, but feel free to debate amongst yourselves. That didn’t stop me from making an “Octo-pumpkin-pi” for Thanksgiving, though.)

Anyway, here are a few samplings that will have their unveiling at Lake Forest Park Holiday Market December 16 from 10-3. Be sure to grab them before they are gone FOR-EV-ER, or at least until I make another one (which could be forever).


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Custom Ordering now available!

I am exhausted after the Lake Forest Craft Market, but also energized for the next one! It was a successful show. Customers and vendors were a blast to hang out with and get to talk about all our craftiness. I’m in the Facebook live video waving like a nerd.

I am having so much fun making and designing that I’ve decided to open it up to custom orders. I’ve been designing the blankets and LOVE making them, so if there is a design you want, I can likely work from a picture and work with you to create what you want. I’ve also custom designed hats and stuffed items. I’d love to explore any possibility your mind can dream up! Email me for a price quote.

I’m also adding the option to buy the Oregon Trail “You have died of dysentery” blanket here! The pricing includes shipping in the U.S.


Dysentery Blanket

Made in black and green, this tribute to Oregon Trail measures approx 48″ x 56″. Lead time is 3 weeks.